Sunday, September 8, 2013


I have learned in life to take things a little slower, to be patient, a great listener, and to enjoy the moment.  All this rushing around can make my head spin, increase my stress levels, and I miss way too much of what is important in life.  I implement this philosophy in my workouts, food intake, work and play, in the bedroom, and I know I am missing some other categories, but I will share those as I am inspired. 

I like to share that “nothing good happens fast” with my clients if they try to rush a move and I usually get a chuckle, as the mind can go thinking about other things, but I always pull everyone back to the exercise, of course enjoying the humor right along with them in that brief instant…it is all about life and having fun with fitness. Now, think about an exercise and what the body needs and how benefited the muscles are by focused, slow, well executed contractions.  Before I lift a weight, I create a two part motion to the exercise by putting my mind on that muscle, slightly contracting that muscle, then executing the contraction of the muscle with the lift. 

This creates the best environment for muscle growth and reduces the chance of injury as I am not just throwing weights around without purpose.  It truly is about going about exercise with purpose and knowing that muscle growth is a slow process.   Remember…nothing good happens fast, so in this want for lean muscle on the body, patience is very important and “GOOD things come to those who wait”. 

Moving on to my food intake and eating slowly.  If I have worked my butt off preparing a fabulous healthy meal, I am going to take my sweet time eating and savoring every bite of that work.  I will not be one of those gulping my food down remaining hungry because I did not allow my brain to register with my stomach that I am full.  This is an area where many do not realize that it takes at least 20 minutes for the brain to communicate satiety to the stomach, and sadly too large of portions are consumed because of eating too quickly.  This type of continued eating pattern is one of the many causes of obesity, in addition to the unhealthy processed products that are consumed as well.  Nothing good happens fast in the eating department, and in fact, the slower the better and for at least 20 minutes.  This gives me time to enjoy my food, have lengthy and meaningful conversation, and relax during my meal.

I also take things slower to reduce stress in my life.  I used to be a “yes” girl

as I have shared in the past plus having an A1 personality type.  I would busy myself so much, always say “yes” to everyone, and overload my calendar to the point where I had to be fast just to keep up with all of my commitments.  Let’s just say I needed a big crash in my life to bring that to a screeching halt.  I look back at all that and can say in a big way…nothing good happens fast, and all that madness can cause YUCK chemical release in the body to produce stress and anxiety, which of course can lead to illness, burn out, depression, and that whole “life feels bigger than me” overwhelm.  Fast forward to the new Darla taking life slow, breathing, calendaring according to what works for me, and living a healthy “balanced” life.  When life feels too fast, what is the point of that and I truly do not want to miss out on what life is gifting me.  

I am going to the bedroom because it is a part of life, health and fitness.  Now, when I talk about intimacy and sex, please realize that I am referencing within the bonds of marriage, but do not think I am sitting here judging people as that is not for me to do.  Now, the point I am trying to make with sex is again “nothing good happens fast.”  I am a woman of almost 50 and I am sure that my fellow gal readers out there will agree, that our bodies go through changes that can leave us feeling frustrated, and not understanding what the heck is going on.  This goes for men as well, and I am talking physically and emotionally.  The key to a happy healthy sex life is to take things slow, be patient, embrace the changes that are occurring and do the best with what we have.  Sometimes that means being very creative and how can that be a bad thing…right?  Instead of frustration and thinking things should happen fast, toss that thinking out the window and accept the new body that responds to slow, and know that the mind and body work together to produce fabulous results

The wonderful thing about “Nothing Good Happens Fast” is that it can be applied to so many things in life as I shared above, and so much more.  I am a planner and a processor of thoughts, feelings, and life decisions.  The “nothing good happens fast” philosophy works well for me here as it slows me down to think before I jump, make a pro-con list if needed, hear feedback from my hubby, family or friends, and helps me to make decisions without fear.  If things are taken slowly, I feel better and more confident about the choices that I make.  The important thing is taking care of ME through a healthy mind and body process that works for me, and taking things slower just works.  

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