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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Woman Who Suffered From Alopecia As A Teen Shows Off Her Long Flowing Hair

A redheaded goddess from Russia has revealed that she did not always have the most envious locks known to mankind. She admitted that she had previously suffered from a condition called alopecia.
Anastasia Sidorov, at the age of 23, has hair that looks like a flowing red river of dreams but has recently shared that she had previously suffered from baldness since the age of 18.
Since her recovery from the horrible condition, Anastasia has graced the covers of Russian magazines and even modeled for Pantene shampoo. On her Instagram page, she wrote: “Today I measured the length of my hair for the first time. I never wondered about this question, but there are a lot of questions. So, the length of the hair is 106 cm.”
The beauty opened up about her diagnosis with androgenetic alopecia, which is a condition that leads to hair falling out and eventual balding in certain areas. In some cases, it could lead to complete baldness.

The exact cause of the disease is still unknown however it is believed to be high-stress related.
Anastasia was getting desperate and her confidence in herself was waning so she decided to visit a hair loss specialist, a trichologist, to see if there was anything she could do.
Thankfully, the treatment that Anastasia underwent worked and her hair began to grow. This experience inspired her to be a part of the hair care profession to help others boast the best hair they can.

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