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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pretty Simple : Low Twist Chignon

  1. Start with your hair in a deep side part. Grab two thick sections of hair from the shallow side of the part. (You could do smaller sections for a more intricate look but using large sections makes it quick and easy!)
  2. Begin your twist by taking the front piece and laying it over the second piece. After you have twisted one rotation, pick up a new (third) piece and add it to the previous piece.
  3. Repeat twisting and adding a new piece/section working your way around the head until you reach the other ear, twist all the way down.
  4. This is where you can get creative. On Bridget I wrapped it into a small bun and secured with bobby pins. You could also do a side ponytail or braid.
  5. Take the remaining hair from the ear forward and slightly twist it away from the face and start pinning it around the bun that you created. Don’t overthink it, just look at the hair and see what it needs. If a piece is sticking out or you don’t like it just twist it and pin it somewhere else!
  6. Finish with a light flexible hairspray like Living Proof Flex that won’t flake and will help block out humidity!

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