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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Best Type Of Cardio For Burning Fat

The thought about doing cardio can be a strong feeling towards people. It could be a hate or a love thing. Some people absolutely hate running while, others love running. Some people love jumping on the treadmill and start running just like that while some just walk past and hit the weights instead. Either way, if you like doing cardio or not its still good for your cardiovascular system.
There’s always questions about which cardio is the best, how long should I run and how many times should I do cardio per week. To answer that question, cardio is very important and necessary for your body. But you have to do it right, too much cardio and you’ll lose fat and get lean but you’ll also lose muscle in the process. If you do too little of cardio, you won’t lose the amount of fat you want and lean as you please. If your diet is correct and on point, you’ll lose fat and get lean like you wanted.
Low Intensity, Long Duration Cardio
This type of cardio consist of a constant pace of 60 minutes or more. Its known for low intensity steady state cardio. (LISS) There’s always going to be arguements that this type of cardio is the best for burning fat, but in any type of exercise, the level of intensity is important out of all.  The problem is that during the time of any type of cardio is being performed, your body is in a catabolic state and its breaking down muscle tissue for energy. Changing it up from low intensity to a moderate pace and lowering the duration is the best option.
High Intensity, Short Duration Cardio
HIIT is getting popular and popular throughout the years. Its known as High intensity interval training. HIIT starts off with high intensity and then short periods of rest time then back to high intensity again. In example, if you’re going to do HIIT, you start off with 1 minute of running then after that you go into one minute of walking to rest. Then repeat till you hit the 10 minute mark. Its really simple and will make you start sweating like no tomorrow. HIIT training can also boost fat burning by boosting the metabolism. That’s why HIIT cardio is the best and a great choice to get shredded while maintaining or even gaining muscle on the way.
So Which One Is The Best?
The answer to that question is…BOTH! HIIT cardio can be performed a couple times a week and it will still be effective. LISS cardio sessions can also be added to make sure if enough cardio is being performed each week. Both types of cardio can burn fat effectively but through different ways of doing it. HIIT cardio will  speed up your metabolism while LISS will burn more fat and calories during the session. Start off with 2-3 of HITT each week and if you want, add in some LISS cardio sessions in.

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